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6 Pillars of Successful IT

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Successful IT is more than hardware. To succeed you must develop measures, set a strategy, manage effectively, ensure executive support, choose the right tools, and integrate strategic aims successfully into company planning

Here are the six foundations to make it happen:


Process Management

Business process management (BPM) gives a company the ability to execute and manage procedures involving dynamic processes, multiple systems/applications and transactions. Without such a system visibility and processes may be lacking. This in turn impacts innovation, performance and growth.


Information Management

Information management is a key foundation in building a nimble, competitive business, whatever the size. It enables a company to respond quickly to real time problems and achieve greater customer satisfaction, improved sales and greater overall efficiency. However information management is a broad (and seemingly overwhelming) umbrella.

It covers all company data- including web content, records, customer relations, social media, digital asset and learning system management and policy and procedure. The three of the biggest factors to consider in information management is knowing the organization, valuing the information and knowing how to use the information. Doing this can deliver tangible results. Consider incorporating analytics, cloud storage solution into your strategic data initiative to better manage your data.

Marise Hannaford, Baxter Healthcare IT Director, says that, ‘having the data is what clearly enables you to be reactive and responsive.’


Project and Resource Management

Resource and project management is an important part of an effective IT environment. Chittoor (2012) notes that, ‘the impact of effective resource management can be seen not only on the profits incurred due to resource optimization and reduced bench time but also in the spirit of positive attitude and motivation it generates in the resources. ’It allows businesses to analyse, monitor and anticipate both resource performance and project needs. Effective management of resources and projects delivers reduced IT costs, efficient IT resource allocation and consolidation, improved resource efficiency and reduced risks.

Such changes greatly improve organizational performance and delivers measurable benefits, making resource management intrinsic to successful IT.


Innovation Management

Innovation management seems impossible. How do you manage yet-to-be-released technology? Satell sums up this convolution perfectly- ‘Finding novel solutions to important problems is not only hard, but complex.  There are, after all, a myriad of important problems at any given time and countless potential approaches to each one of them.’ So how do you approach innovation to remain competitive?

Firstly, it requires flexibility. A flexible company can respond to changes quickly, gaining a competitive advantage. This allows for managers to identify improvement tools, source new trends and respond to technological advances, thereby preparing for change. Secondly, it require strategic goals to embrace, manage and utilize innovation optimally.


Leadership and Communication

IT can feel like a foreign language to those without an IT background. Therefore helping IT to understand the business, and the business to understand IT can have significant benefits. Not only will it foster strong interdepartmental relationships and transparency, but also helps to expand company knowledge of new technology for smoother integration. This provides opportunities for growth and effective leadership between IT and Line of Business (LOB) for more efficient business strategy delivery.


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