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Symantec Innovates Toward The Future of IoT

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The saying rings true- if it can connect to the Internet it can be hacked. And as the number of devices we use connect to the Internet grows they become a prime security threat.

The array of Internet devices is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Essentially it refers to everyday objects that can send and receive data through network connectivity. This can span from household items to personal devices, and office equipment. All the things being connected to the Internet have great potential to make our live easier. However if experience tells us anything, greater connection comes with the added burden of security; so it's essential that we're prepared and make protection a priority.



Across all these areas is a need for privacy. Security management of these devices and data is needed for their continued productivity and to ensure your devices are protected. However the current lack of end-to-end security solutions for such devices could dampen their broader adoption.

Such security threats continue to grow. Search Engines such as Shodan, allows potential hackers to search for a range of Internet-connected devices, making vulnerabilities more easily discoverable by attackers.

Unlocking the value of IoT

Symantec is one of the world’s largest software companies, now in more than 50 countries. It specialised in security, storage and systems management solutions.

In response to these changes Symantec are doing the following:

  • We are emphasizing the security of data and code running on IoT devices in many of our developing projects.
  • We are also exploring areas like analytics and
  • Device management to address the need for configuration and management of IoT devices remotely and the data needs to be analyzed.
  • Proliferation of these connected objects will create new complexities and vulnerabilities in consumer homes. Consumers want these connected devices to be aware of each other and ‘just work’, rather than be bogged down with managing and securing these objects. To that end we are also exploring the hub-and-spoke security model in the home.


We already have a lot of capabilities that we are able to leverage to provide the solutions we mention above. In fact, Symantec sells millions of device certificates in these markets and has done significant work in vulnerability analysis.

There is no question that IoT is an exciting focus area for us. We have been investigating the IoT market in more detail for the past year and have made good progress. Now, as the market continues to evolve, we see great potential for Symantec to be a pioneer in the space.


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