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4 Ways a MSP Can Benefit Your Business

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  In an industry where getting a competitive edge is essential to business viability a MSP may be the key.

Not only does a MSP offer an efficient way of managing resources, but it also has extensive benefits across the business:


Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Proactive IT is often cited as a valuable asset to companies. 24x7 monitoring alerts technicians to problems as they arise. It reduces downtime, improves productivity and enables easy collaboration. However the benefits of proactive monitoring are far greater. At an infrastructure level it provides reporting on hardware that is running inefficiently and needs upgrading. It also offers alerting such as storage space indicators, maintenance renewals are due or patching is needed. This provides clients transparency to their environment, ensuring in more informed decision making.


Reduced Staff Costs

Hiring and training an IT staff can be very expensive, and temporary employees don't always live up to your expectations. Outsourcing lets you focus your human resources where you need them most.

Allowing a MSP to manage your IT environment improves resourcing. Dedicated staff are not needed to handle each part of IT- backup, cloud, DR, data management, exchange and email access, connectivity and app development and deployment. Or the alternative- one, overworked IT manager spread thinly across all areas of your IT environment. Instead a good MSP has the expertise, certifications and experience to assist users when needed quickly and effectively.


Increased Efficiency

A MSP has notifications and reporting in place to alert to anything that my put the client’s environment at risk. This allows the MSP to mitigate risks quickly, often before it impacts the end user. ‘Devices that are nearing end of life, OS upgrades that need to be done – these can be discussed in periodic reviews and determinations made about how to resolve them before they become an issue.’

From a business costs perspective a MSP is more efficient than paying for full time IT staff, which may include training costs, additional consultants and additional resouces. A MSP provides predictable monthly support costs, allowing accurate budgeting. They are designed to maximize infrastructure performance and stability and reduce upfront costs through their range of services, lowering TCO.


Improved Security

A Managed Services support plan ensures support for a client’s environment when they need it most. A support plan covers their environment for unforeseeable issues and allows technicians to respond quickly and effectively to alerts, thereby reducing any potential threats and improving overall productivity within the environment. A MSP holds industry-specific knowledge in business security across areas of risk such as websites, email, hardware, software and applications. Their expertise in firewall, Anti-virus, DR and patching ensure a dedicated team efficiently upgrading, maintaining and managing your environment when needed.


Evolution’s Managed Services solution is a combination of remedial support and proactive systems management practices that provides our clients with total peace of mind in knowing that their critical system is being supported by experienced and certified IBM Technical Consultants

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