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- Would you like to reduce your Microsoft licensing costs and only pay for the licenses you actually use each month?

 - Would you like your company to always use the latest version of Microsoft software with no upgrade hassles?

 - Do you know if your business is compliant with Microsoft licensing?



Evo Subscription Software

  •  Let Evolution manage your Microsoft license compliance by moving to our subscription licensing program.
  • Always have access to the latest software as part of your monthly license subscription.
  • Only pay for the licenses you actually use – not the number of users you have in the business.
  • Eliminate the time and effort required to track and manage software licenses.
  • Guaranteed Microsoft licensing compliance.

Managing Microsoft licenses can be a full time job.  As users come and go or business requirements change, the number of licenses being used needs to scale up or down.  In addition, audits need to be regularly conducted to ensure the right numbers of licenses are held.  This can become additionally complex when multiple versions of software are being used.

That’s why we created Evo Subscription Software.  As a Microsoft volume-licensing partner we take over the provisioning, tracking and deployment of your software licenses.  In addition, by subscribing to our volume-based licensing service, you automatically have access to the latest Microsoft software as part of your monthly usage fee.

Our solution ensures your business is always compliant, only pays for the licenses it uses in any given month and that you always have the very latest versions of Microsoft software for no extra cost. 

Simply login to our self-service Microsoft application portal, select the applications you need and they will be served to you over the cloud via our virtual managed servers. 

We manage all upgrades of your Microsoft applications to ensure you always benefit from using the latest software without disruption to your business.


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With more than 50 years of combined experience working on IBM’s Midrange platform we now provide the latest enterprising solutions and professional services to clients throughout Australia and Internationally.


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